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Welcome Rick Scouffas

Rick is a Bay Area local, growing up in Palo Alto…before it was trendy to be from Palo Alto. Oh, who are we kidding, it was always trendy to be from Palo Alto. He received his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois. After graduating he pivoted into the tech world during the first boom. After spending some years with a little Bay Area startup called Oracle, he moved on to smaller operations that better fit his nimble style (something you wouldn’t know from looking at him but yes, he is quite nimble).

He brings a semi-specialized focus of helping new and rapidly growing companies standardize and scale their sales efforts through operational best practices and inclusive engagement with his constituents and executive team for a cohesive and efficient sales team. A couple of his past companies include SwiftStack, another open source company that focuses on object storage, and Aria Systems which offers a SaaS based subscription management solution.

Outside of work you will find him playing with his kids (not yet old enough to require Uber-like services to all manner of sports or performance-based events so it’s still fun), or when he can “swing it,” on the golf course relentlessly trying to get better at a sport that’s seemingly impossible to improve at.

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