Great Moments in Application Monitoring

The consequences of poor application performance are both real and terrifying: lost customers, lost trust from your team, and lost…
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Asking The Right Query With Discover

Successful businesses don’t sort data — they shape it. Discover, Sentry’s query builder, gives form to your event data so you can measure…
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Asynchronous CSV Exports with Discover

We made it easier for you to access the data you've been itching to get your hands on. With Asynchronous CSV Exports, you can define what you need and we'll notify you when it's ready to download.
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New Ways to Uncover Trends with Discover

Check out the Discover features you can use to identify and diagnose the root causes of your errors and monitor your application health.
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New Debugging Superpowers with Discover

Discover delivers prebuilt searches and more. New dashboard functionality that allows you to see broad trends in how issues are impacting your service.
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