A Swift Sip of Cocoa

We launched an early beta of support for iOS a few months back and got a lot of good feedback from users. Since then we’ve invested a lot of time in making the clients better and are happy to announce that the clients are now stable and available.

Supported Platforms

Sentry clients support iOS, tvOS1, macOS and watchOS1. We refer to those platforms with the “Cocoa” moniker on Sentry.

If you want to use Sentry for any of those platforms we recommend the updated sentry-swift client which is the best supported of our Cocoa clients.


We recommend installing the client via CocoaPods, which is as simple as dropping this line into your Podfile :

pod "SentrySwift", :git => "git@github.com:getsentry/sentry-swift.git", :tag => "1.0.0"

Afterwards a simple pod install will get everything up and running for you.

You can find several examples for how to correctly set up the SentryClient in our official GitHub repository https://github.com/getsentry/sentry-swift. As always, Sentry is all about open source so if you want to improve the client in any way, feel free to join the development.


With our first stable release of sentry-swift we also support the User Feedback feature in iOS, a feature you may already use in our JavaScript client. If your app crashes while User Feedback is activated, users will receive a prompt to optionally provide additional information that will be automatically linked to the corresponding crash in Sentry.

Another new thing we landed is that we now support stacktraces for multiple threads. You can switch between them in the UI to go to others. This is particularly useful if you expect a background thread to be responsible for a particular crash due to a data race.

We would love to get your feedback. For that matter you can leave feedback in the forums or write cocoa@sentry.io.

1 you might encounter some less than ideal workflows with bitcode enabled apps. We’re working on improving the support for those and would love to get your feedback.

Welcome Daniel Griesser

Join us in welcoming Daniel Griesser to the engineering team at Sentry!

Daniel joins Armin Ronacher as our first hire for our international development unit based in Vienna. He joins us from the web agency world where he was responsible for creating all different kinds of apps, web services, and websites. At Sentry he will help us to improve and grow our mobile department, focusing primarily on iOS.

In his spare time he likes to play Hearthstone, create apps that usually never see the light of day, and drink beer from around the world. He is also one of the few people who thinks that PHP isn’t as bad as everyone says it is.

Help us welcome Daniel by giving him a shout on Twitter or following him on GitHub.

Introducing our new Asana integration

Sentry integrates with many of your favorite issue trackers, and we’re excited to add Asana to the list.

Create or Link Asana Issue

You can enable the integration by going to your project’s settings page, clicking on “All Integrations” in the nav bar, and clicking on “Configure plugin” next to Asana. From there, you can link your Asana account and select an organization or workspace.

Configure Asana Integration

Once you’ve configured the integration, you can easily create Asana tasks from your Sentry issues.

Create Asana

If you have questions, feedback or feature requests for Asana or any of our integrations, let us know in our forum.

Welcome Saloni Dudziak

We’re excited to welcome Saloni Dudziak as our head of finance.

Saloni most recently hails from CoreOS, where she built out the finance and accounting team and encouraged people to develop a love for the joys of Excel. She will be heading up the finance team and serving as a partner on how to business. When not doodling with all things Excel, Saloni likes to make futile attempts at preventing her kids from accidentally injuring themselves, punching and kicking her way around a martial arts studio, and snuggling with her three wild dogs.

Welcome Sukhpreet Sembhi

We are excited to announce that Sukhpreet Sembhi is the newest member of our Growth Team.

Sukhpreet, also known as SK, comes from Zenefits where she built products to ensure customer retention. She will be working on the Growth team providing expertise on the intersection of data analytics, marketing, and sales operations. When she’s not in the office, you can find her painting abstract geometric shapes or running around town snapping photos.