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12 Days of Integrations — Asana

It’s that time of year again… The leaves have fallen from the trees, every department store is playing “All I Want for Christmas is You” on a loop, and I can finally justify wearing that hand-knit beanie I bought on Etsy (even though I live in California).

To celebrate, Sentry is highlighting twelve of our many integrations with an ornament hung with care each day on our festive Sen-Tree. We hope you return every day to enjoy these GIFs with your holiday feast, egg nog, Manischewitz, or pour-over artisan coffee.

Our fifth featured integration is Asana.

On the fifth day of integrations, Sentry gave to me, five gold rings!

Wait, that’s not right. This isn’t a song, it’s a blog post about our Asana integration. The problem is that the ‘five gold rings’ line from the 12 Days of Christmas is the catchiest part, so it’s impossible not to type or say it. Absolutely no one wants to sing along to such a repetitive song, until the moment that line arrives, and then people come running in from the other room to scream it. Seven cats a’driving, six bunnies shopping, FIVE GOLD RINGS, four moderately sized coats, three….

Anyway. Where were we?

Engineering errors are unavoidable. Unless you’re engineering a bridge, then ideally you’re really keeping the errors to a minimum, since bridges cannot be continuously updated like software.

Since errors are unavoidable, we should embrace them as such and treat them as part of the development process. Bugs may be frustrating, but they’re also a normal, healthy part of developing software that represent your very first opportunity to iterate. As you might guess, we’re pretty error positive around here.

A key to ensuring that error monitoring is truly a healthy part of your own development process, is to keep it front-and-center. That’s why we directly integrate with Asana, enabling you to easily create Asana tasks directly from Sentry events, where your whole team can easily tackle errors alongside all your other tasks, projects, and conversations, ensuring bugs and issues never fall to the wayside.

Asana in action

How does it work?

The Asana integration works at the Project level. Which means you’ll:

  • Go to the Project Settings page in Sentry for any Project that you’d like to link with Asana
  • Click All Integrations, find the Asana integration in the list, and click configure
  • Click Enable Plugin
  • Link your Asana account and select an organization or workspace

All done! Now the option to create or link Asana issues will be displayed from your Sentry issue pages. When you link an issue, it’ll look like this:

Create an issue from Sentry

With Sentry + Asana, may all your days be merry and bright.

Sound of bells jingling in the distance

Fade out

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