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Single Sign-On is now Open Source

Sentry has always been a company built on open source fundamentals. In our past jobs we constantly pushed organizations to allow us to open source our work. At Sentry, nobody needs permission to open source code, and as part of that we’re going to keep doubling down on our commitment to providing high quality open source software. Today that includes the release of two of our SSO components, allowing you to use Single Sign-On in the On-Premise version of Sentry for both Google Apps and GitHub Orgs.

Enabling SSO

While SSO has been available in the open source version of Sentry for quite some time, it has been disabled by default (behind a feature switch). If you’re using the 8.0 beta this is no longer the case, but for anyone else, you’ll need to start by enabling the SSO feature in your

from sentry.conf.server import *

SENTRY_FEATURES['organizations:sso'] = True

From there, you’ll simply need to install whichever provider you’re using and restart services to register the extension:

Once done, you’ll see the provider show up under in organization’s dashboard under the Auth subheading.

Moving Forward

We’re aiming to do even more with SSO in the future. In the short term we’ve got a bit of work to do on stabilizing and documenting the APIs. Down the road we also plan to open source adapters for SAML, OneLogin, and Okta, as well as standard Active Directory support. If you’re not keen on waiting, and your organization needs this already, let us know and we’ll be happy to work with you to get things off the ground.

It’s our belief that great software should be available whether you’re a large corporation with a massive budget, or simply a small team churning through instant ramen. This is just another step we take towards making Sentry available to everyone.

Whether you want to debug PHP, do JavaScript error tracking, or handle an obscure Python exception, we’ll be working hard to provide the best possible experience for you and your team with Sentry!

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