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Sentry 8 On-Premise

$ git diff --stat 7.7.4..8.0.0
1548 files changed, 196150 insertions(+), 132725 deletions(-)

Three months ago we pushed out an early version of Sentry 8 to our hosted customers. Since then we’ve been improving monitoring workflows, squashing bugs, and adding error monitoring features here and there. All of it has been leading up to today, where we formally shipped Sentry 8 to the Python Package Index.

New Features

For a quick recap of the major features introduced into Sentry 8, take a look at our post from October: Sentry 8 is here.

In addition to the core features, a few other things have slipped in, some specific to On-Premise installs, including:

Config Changes

We’re pushing towards a more user-friendly install. Lots of things don’t need configured at runtime, and we want Sentry to reflect that. The first step is introducing a new configuration format, config.yml.

As part of this we included a simple configuration flow for new installs, as well as upgrades (which require new configuration):

Additionally we’ve taken these values and made them configurable within the Sentry Admin:

Organization Dashboard

The new organization dashboard focuses on you, the user. While we are planning to expand on this greatly we’ve already found it to be invaluable for helping us with our workflow. It gives you a quick glance into issues assigned to you, what your team has been doing, and new issues within your teams.

This feature will likely change, but an early version has shipped with 8.0

My Issues

Three new issues views have been enabled on the dashboard:

  • Assigned — issues which have been assigned to you
  • Bookmarks — issues which you have bookmarked
  • History — issues you have viewed recently

All three of these views are organization wide, giving you a quick overview of all of your projects.

This feature will likely change, but an early version has shipped with 8.0

Much, Much More

A lot of things have been overhauled on the backend, whether part of the setup process or simply day-to-day maintenance. For example, there’s now a simple way to import and export critical system data (accounts, projects, api keys).

We’ve put a huge amount of effort into expanding our API, and while still early it’s already proving to be extremely valuable for users who want to access data.

The Changelog for version 8 is pretty massive, and you should absolutely go over it before upgrading. Most things won’t impact you, but of critical note, we are no longer supporting MySQL for installations. That doesn’t mean it wont work, but it does mean you will likely have to deal w/ schema changes yourself.

Ready for Hosted?

For more and more Sentry users, our hosted SaaS solution is the more economical option, especially when it comes to the time required for maintenance and upgrade of any solution hosted on-premise.

Ultimately, whether you want to debug JavaScript, do Python error tracking, or handle an obscure PHP exception, we’ll be working hard to provide the best possible experience for you and your team!

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