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An Eventful End To The Year

This is your last call to see Sentry at an event near you or schedule some time to meet with one of our sales reps at AWS re:Invent or DroidCon. We’ll also be handing out coupon codes in addition to our awesome swag. The coupon codes are good for $150.00 credit towards any new account, but you have to stop by our booths to get them. See below for details on the last events of the year that we’ll be exhibiting at.


At DroidCon, in San Francisco at the Mission Bay Conference Center Nov 25-26, our mobile experts are coming from all over the world to discuss how well Sentry supports Android with our new mobile launch. Armin Ronacher will will be joining Bruno Garcia for their talk, “We gave a Mouse an NDK: Non Android Developers’ Experience with NDK.” Listen as they tell a story of unexpected puzzles found when debugging native Android code in production builds as developers who were previously not familiar with the world of Android.

Stop by our booth to pick up a bath bomb and a $150 coupon code for new sign ups while you’re at it. Go forth, grab some swag, ask our team all the questions you can — they are up for the challenge. If you’d prefer to schedule some time with a rep while you’re there, click here and you can meet up with Don. He’s a cool guy who loves to meet new people.

AWS re:Invent

Come see us at AWS re:Invent at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Dec. 2-5th. We’re at booth 2727. Use the event expo floor map to find us, so you won’t get lost. Believe me you’ll need it — this event is huge!

At AWS re:Invent we’ll be educating people on error monitoring for serverless environments. We’ll also be giving out our bath bombs — not only our regular bath bombs, but our brand new ones that come with a surprise. Reach out to us here if you would like to schedule some time to meet with one of our reps while you’re there.

Node + JS Interactive

Last, but certainly not the least, please join us at Node + JS Interactive, where we’ll visit our friendly neighbors to the north in Montreal, Canada Dec. 11-12th. While we’re there, we’ll try not to freeze and make sure to enjoy some/lots of poutine. Also, our VP of Engineering and native Canadian, Ben Vinegar, is going to talk about “Getting the most out of JavaScript errors.” Sounds exciting, eh?

We hope to see you at one of these events. Or all of them if you’re feeling like traveling a lot!

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