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12 Days of Partners — Azure DevOps

It’s that time of year again… The leaves have fallen from the trees, every department store is playing “All I Want for Christmas is You” on a loop, and I can finally justify wearing that hand-knit beanie I bought on Etsy (even though I live in California and wear it almost every single day anyway).

To celebrate, Sentry is highlighting twelve of our many partners with an ornament hung with care each day on our festive Sen-Tree. We hope you return every day to enjoy these GIFs with your holiday feast, egg nog, Manischewitz, pour-over artisan coffee, or pour-under artisan coffee.

Microsoft is cool again. They own GitHub now. They run a variety of funny, informative video series for developers. Steve Ballmer isn’t on stage yelling about things anymore (though that was kinda cool in its own way, maybe?).

And that’s why our ninth featured partner is Azure DevOps.

Earlier this year, we updated our integration for Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS), adding support for suspect commits and our releases feature. This guides you and your team toward the specific commit that contains the error, acting like a big flashing arrow that points out the root cause so you can fix the problem faster.

Suspect Commit

We also added issue sync, giving you the power to create issues in Azure DevOps directly from Sentry. No duplicate work. No out-of-sync information on two different platforms. The issue sync works in both directions, ranging from assignments and comments to issue resolution, and is customized for your specific Azure DevOps projects.

Issue Sync with Azure DevOps

Let’s not forget the added bonus of easy sign-on. The integration updates allow users to log into Sentry via their Azure DevOps account – no new username or password needed. This makes the onboarding process to Sentry much faster, taking away unnecessary admin steps.

Sign on with Azure DevOps

If any of the above interests you (even a little), please check out our docs to read more about setting up the integration.

Learn more about some of Sentry’s other various partners and integrations on our aptly named Integrations page.

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