Rahul Chhabria

    Sentry Application Monitoring for Next.js

    As you could probably tell from the title, we shipped an SDK for Next.js. This means you can capture errors, measure performance, manage…
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    Performance Monitoring for Android Applications

    Android is arguably the most ubiquitous operating system in the world. Whether it’s a tablet, phone, folding phone, computer, TV, or IoT…
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    Track Session Data with Sentry for JavaScript

    It’s January 2021 and you’ve probably broken five out of six New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t want to be the reason for breaking your last…
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    The Great Irony of Serverless Computing

    Serverless is great for so many reasons. Scale, speed to deployment, service management, etc. We can't say the same about debugging Serverless issues till now. Learn about how our latest updates help you resolve Serverless issues in minutes.
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    Get a Jump On Errors with Sentry and Atlassian

    Ship fast without breaking things. Atlassian announced 12 new features, automation, and integrations to help developers take their time back and ship better code, including automated monitoring with Sentry.
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    Crash-free Sessions, Carefree Users with Release Health

    No one knows why good apps crash. Except for you, because Sentry tells you. Now get data on crash-free sessions, crash-free users, version adoption, and more. Meet our newest feature, Release Health.
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    New Debugging Superpowers with Discover

    Discover delivers prebuilt searches and more. New dashboard functionality that allows you to see broad trends in how issues are impacting your service.
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