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New Debugging Superpowers with Discover

Sentry makes it pretty easy to connect a customer-facing issue right to the line of code, the release, and even the commit that caused it. At least that’s what developers tell us on Twitter.

But you’re rarely working with obvious errors or errors affecting just one user.

That’s why we added some new features to Discover and made diagnosing root causes even easier.

  • So, you’ve got some issues. Don’t we all. Track when issues trend toward high priority before they become the kinds of problems that lose customers.
  • It’s not rocket science. Our query builder is more intuitive than ever. So you can spend less time looking for that goshdarn button that doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the stupid bleeping page.
  • Get to the bottom of it. Explore whether multiple conditions contribute to an issue: does this only happen on Internet Explorer on Windows 10? Or does it affect all Windows 10 machines? Or all Internet Explorer users? Discover can help answer all these questions and many more.

And as the cherry on top of this entirely inedible sundae, Discover includes pre-built searches that help answer common questions about all your events, unique errors, errors by URL, and client. If you don’t like these thoughtful, hand-crafted, pre-built searches, you can modify them — at risk of hurting our feelings — and save or share them.

Next time your Dev Manager asks, “Which pages are generating the most errors?”, you can send a link to the pre-built Errors by URL query. We promise we won’t tell them how easy it was.

The errors shown here do not represent the current state of Sentry. We like to make fun of ourselves even though our Head of Product hates it.

With each result, we also surface a facet map. The fully interactive query map lets you tweak parameters and results without rewriting the query.


With all this information at your fingertips, you can measure the health of your service with almost no effort at all. And in the coming months, we’ll release more updates to Discover with additional elements that tie directly into measuring performance and tracing issues across all your projects.

Want early access to our latest updates? Get in line.

Discover is available on our Business Plan. Try it for free or write to to speak with our oddly technical and nerdy sales team.

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