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Install Sentry with a Single Command

We’re creating a new way to install and set up Sentry. Starting with Next.js, you’ll be able to set up new Sentry accounts or create new Sentry Next.js projects via the terminal and running a single command.

Getting started is simple(r). While you can still visit to create an account or create a project from within the app – now you can skip all the clicks, navigate to your repo and run this command.

npx @sentry/wizard -s -i nextjs 

Once the script kicks off, we’ll open a browser tab pointing you to the sign up form — add your info and return back to the terminal only to see the installation is complete. This new method automatically adds any Sentry specific requirements to your next.config.js file and creates any other necessary files that we need to start tracking exceptions and latency issues. Don’t belive me? git status and take alook for yourself.

To test if your Sentry configuration is ready to go, you can trigger an error locally or deploy the changes to start capturing exceptions and slow transactions.

Thats it. 1 command (npx @sentry/wizard -s -i nextjs) to Get started with Sentry for Next.js. Drop us a line on GitHub, Twitter, or our Discord and let us know what you think.

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