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October Product Updates for Sentry

Hey, you. Yes, you. Do you want to fix broken code faster and easier? Of course, you do. Who doesn’t? Well, lucky for you, we dedicated the whole month of October (and every other month) to helping you do just that. Checkout what’s new from Sentry and our friends at Codecov.

Ruby SDK Automatic Check-In Tracking For Cron Monitoring (Beta)

We have Cron Monitoring support for Java, Python, PHP, Go, Ruby, and more SDKs. The new Ruby SDK lets you automatically track check-ins for many common job frameworks. You can set up your Ruby jobs faster so you can keep an eye on their health and performance, and get notified when they fail or run too slow.

Rage and Dead Clicks in Session Replay

You can now quickly access the most relevant replays on the Session Replay page based on which selectors have the most rage and dead clicks, and then easily watch replays to help you fix them. The new widgets display the selectors that received the most rage or dead clicks. You can expand the selector (and click on the blue selector link) to see some replays that include clicks on that selector. If you want to see more selectors, you can click on the “See all selectors” button to view all the selectors that had rage or dead clicks.

session replay

New Discord Integration and SCM Integration Improvements Integrations

Just like with Slack and Teams, you can now get important issue and metric alert notifications from Sentry in Discord. Stay updated on critical issues and metric alerts as Sentry detects them. Even manage issues by resolving, archiving, and assigning them without leaving Discord.

image (4)

Source code management (SCM) integrations just received solid quality-of-life improvements. Stack Trace Linking is available on Bitbucket, Azure DevOps, and GitHub Enterprise. Get to the broken line of code faster by jumping from the error in Sentry to your source code in GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket, or Azure DevOps. But that’s not all for GitHub Enterprise users, this month’s update also brings support for code owners and suspect commits. Now you can find the developer responsible for introducing the broken code and without lifting a finger, automatically add a ticket to their backlog.

SDK Updates

  • Python GraphQL Support: The Python SDK now supports major GraphQL libraries like Graphene, Strawberry, Ariadne, and GQL. You can now capture error and performance issues from your GraphQL queries and mutations, and see the full query context in Sentry. Learn more on GitHub.
  • Alpha release of Sentry’s Astro SDK with 7.74.0 of Sentry for JavaScript. This is a pretty big deal considering this release also had 25+ fixes/updates/changes. Read more here.

Codecov: Automated Test Selection

Tired of waiting for your tests to run? Sick of wasting money on CI resources? We thought so. Our Codecov team shipped a new way for you to use coverage data to intelligently select which tests to run based on the changes within a specific commit and PR – saving you time… and money. It’s currently available in beta for Python projects. Try it out, you can sign up and into Codecov with your Sentry account (shared login shipped this month too 🙌).

That’s all for this month’s product updates from Sentry (and Codecov). We hope you enjoy these new features and integrations that will help you fix broken code faster and easier. Because fixing broken code is your favorite thing to do.. Well, maybe you don’t like it as much as writing broken code in the first place. But hey, we’re not here to judge. We’re here to help.

Want to stay up-to-date on the latest from Sentry? Checkout our changelog for a running list of all product and feature releases. You can also drop us a line on GitHub, Twitter, or our Discord. And if you’re new to Sentry, you can try it for free today or request a demo to get started.

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