SDK Updates

Jamstack June: A Recap

Like any jam session, Jamstack June must end. But not before we reprise a few of our greatest licks of the month: Our Next.js SDK monitors…
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No-code AWS Lambda Monitoring

Auto-instrumenting AWS Lambda Monitoring didn’t originate through a focus group or business plan. It started as a hackathon project that…
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Measuring Success with Sentry

In the early days of web development, there was one way to measure code: WTFs per minute. It was a metric that could be applied across all…
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Supporting Native Android Libraries Loaded From APKs

Like mechanics who restore their own cars or plastic surgeons who self-rhinoplasty, our developers put their skills to interesting uses…
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With Flutter and Sentry, You Can Put All Your Eggs in One Repo

This month we’re updating several of our mobile SDKs. You might think it’s madness… Mobile March Madness. First up is Flutter. It’s fair to…
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Introducing: Sentry's Unified Go SDK

Our new, unified Go SDK supports all recent versions of the language, utilizes its features, and gives developers the most helpful hints possible for where and why an error might happen.
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Debug Your Node.js Projects with Source Maps

We now support source maps for Node.js projects. Here's a look at how to generate and make those source maps available for Sentry.
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