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Sentry Extends Best-in-Class Error Monitoring for Native Applications

Application crashes have a significant impact on customer experience, which can adversely affect a company’s reputation and revenue. Error and crash reporting is a unique feedback mechanism that provides true data about the quality of their product.

Developer teams that create games, mobile applications, IoT, and other high-performance applications need rich insights into application health to quickly and continuously fix software errors with minimal impact.

Sentry for Native: Gaming, IoT, and Beyond

With the latest extensions of Sentry for Native, we’re happy to announce that we have a complete offering for native projects that allow developers to debug faster with the power of alerts, context, and root-cause analysis.

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Sentry supports all developer teams and their applications regardless of the lifecycle stage. Existing applications using Breakpad, Crashpad, or Windows APIs to create minidumps can directly integrate with Sentry and benefit from all platform features. Our new Native SDK offers an even easier way to add crash reporting to applications and enhance crash reports with custom context information.

Sentry integrates seamlessly into the process and tools you already use. The new support for Symbol Servers effortlessly connects Sentry to existing repositories and servers provided by third parties. Since Sentry directly supports all major formats of debug files and a range of compression types, there is no need to waste time converting files on your infrastructure.

Sentry provides direct visibility into root cause by extending your crash reports with a fully symbolicated stack trace, API-rich context, and even application source code. Individual crashes are intelligently grouped into unique issues, reducing noise and revealing the most important bugs at a single glance.

Our extended support for native brings us one step closer to achieving our vision to provide a modern, holistic application monitoring platform that gives developers rich context and insight beyond merely displaying the symptoms of a problem.

Learn more and start using Sentry now at

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