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Welcome Cameron McEfee

Our design team has grown one person larger with the addition of Cameron McEfee.Previously, Cameron was the creative director at GitHub…
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Welcome Theresa Vermeersch

We’re thrilled to have Theresa Vermeersch joining our team!Theresa is a coffee connoisseur, book nerd, and art and design enthusiast…
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Sentry emails get a facelift

Last week we pushed an update to our notification emails. In addition to overhauling the visual design and addressing various legibility…
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Welcome Ben Vinegar

We’re excited to announce that Ben Vinegar is joining the engineering team at Sentry.You may know Ben as the co-author of Third-party…
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Better Team Managment in Sentry

Today we’re rolling out several improvements to the way teams are managed in Sentry. We feel these changes will help your organization…
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Announcing the Sentry API

Today we’re excited to introduce the Sentry API, which will help ops teams and developers integrate Sentry deeper into their exception…
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Introducing Organizations

Historically, managing org structure, membership, and billing in Sentry has been a pain. Today we’re announcing several giant steps towards…
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State of the union: JavaScript Exceptions and Stacktraces

Watch our very own Matt Robenolt speak about the current state of JavaScript exceptions and debugging with stack traces at this year’s…
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CCP Games brings Sentry to the PlayStation

CCP Games, the game development powerhouse behind Eve Online and Dust 514, has brought Sentry to the PS3. As they’re one of our largest and…
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The Story of Sentry

We recently sat down with Yonas Beshawred, founder of, and talked about how Sentry came to be.Read the entire interview over on…
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Sentry Spotlight: Readability

In perhaps our favorite interview of the day, Philip Forget, CTO of Readability, tells Dev Toolkit that Sentry is crucial to keeping their…
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Sentry lands a sweet new logo

Three months ago David and I decided that it was time to ditch the Helvetica “S” and get ourselves a real logo. It was a difficult task…
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We've redesigned Sentry!

Today we’re excited to announce that Sentry has an all new look. After listening to your feedback, we were able to package together a design…
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