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Introducing Organizations

Historically, managing org structure, membership, and billing in Sentry has been a pain. Today we’re announcing several giant steps towards making your error monitoring easier and better.

The most significant of these changes is the introduction of Organizations. Organizations are a new parent entity that will encapsulate Teams and Projects. Organizations will now be where you manage membership and billing. We’ve also included a couple of new tools to increase visibility across your organization.

Billing and Membership

Billing and membership is now managed at the organization level. Teams across an organization will share a quota. This means admins can create new teams without having to setup an additional subscription.

Stats and Audit Log

To make it easier to see usage across your organization, we’ve included a basic Stats page:


We’ve also added a simple Audit Log to highlight important actions taken across your organization:

Audit Log

Simple member management

We’ve made a lot of progress towards simplifying our membership model. Some major changes:

Phasing out Access Groups in favor of Teams

Now that the complexities of Teams have been moved to the organization level, Access Groups no longer make sense. Although Access Groups will continue to function as before, you will no longer be able to create or modify them. Teams will replace the role of Access Groups from this point forward.

We’ve provided an Access Group Migration Tool to make this a snap.

No more Team Owner

There’s no longer a concept of ‘Team Owner.’ This is now handled on the organization level.

Action items

  • Rename your Organization - We generated these based on your team names and that is probably not ideal for everyone.
  • Rename your Teams - Teams no longer share a global namespace. Rename them to whatever you want.
  • Be aware of broken links - We unfortunately had to break most pre-existing URLs as part of this change. This means links in emails too. Sorry :(
  • Migrate your Access Groups to Teams

We’d be happy to assist you with any of these. Let us know if we can help.

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