Meredith Heller

Get More From Sentry With Our PagerDuty Integration

We're combining Sentry's error monitoring with PagerDuty's automated escalation system to help you solve issues almost as fast as we find them.
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Sentry Integration Platform: Project Management with Clubhouse

Prioritize and fix bugs faster with Clubhouse's integration on the new Sentry Integration Platform.
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Protect Yourself Against Spikes in Events with Spike Protection

There are times you may suddenly see a spike in events that launches you towards your quota much faster than expected. We’d prefer you not have to worry about that, which is why we provide Spike Protection.
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Keep Your Projects Nice and Organized

Why track all your errors in one Project when you can get organized and break them into multiple Projects?
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A Change to Our Default Subject Lines

We've made a slight change to how our default notification email subject lines are generated, and we explain how this could impact your inbox filtering.
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Proactively Wrangle Events Using Sentry’s Alert Rules

Learn how to create alert notifications based on just about any data you’ve collected within Sentry.
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@ Your Teammates With Mentions

Bring more people in the loop with mentions
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