Adhiraj Somani


Sentry Integration Platform: Observability with Rookout

Cut time from error to resolution with Rookout's new integration on the Sentry Integration Platform.
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A/B Testing is Messy, Until It's Not

Sentry wrote an experimentation system with minimal work.
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Growing Adoption by Building a Modern Clippy

We increased Sentry user engagement with our version of Clippy for the modern web: Assistant.
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Shipping Clean Code at Sentry with Linters, Travis CI, Percy, & More

Hopefully it's no surprise that shipping clean, safe, and correct code is a high priority for engineering at Sentry. Here's a look at how we do just that.
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Improve Your Workflow with Sentry

The post-deployment process of discovery, investigation, and remediation can be painful, confusing, annoying, and lengthy. How can you best leverage Sentry to make this better?
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