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Asking The Right Query With Discover

Successful businesses don’t sort data — they shape it. Discover, Sentry’s query builder, gives form to your event data so you can measure performance and trace issues across all your projects. Here’s how:

Deeper visibility, fuller observability

Discover leverages your event metadata so that you’re able to query any event type across all projects and applications. For example, you can sort performance issues by country to better understand how certain errors affect your site’s architecture.

Discover is a valuable tool for teams who launch code internationally. Here, Discover shows that the UK has an uptick in errors.

Turn queries into alerts

Discover’s query filters can inform how you create alert conditions. Because Discover aggregates your event attributes, you can now set an alert based on any event type. Say you’ve got an international launch — Discover allows you to slice data based on a user’s geography. Now your team will be alerted whenever a user in a specific country experiences a slow-loading page.

Now that your team knows where the problem is, you can set an alert to ensure that UK users will have an optimized experience moving forward.

A single — and scalable — source of truth

Discover simplifies how you define, update, and share queries across your teams. And with metrics ranging from Average Transaction Duration, p75/p95, and Unique User Count, your team can quickly identify unexpected spikes. What’s more, Discover’s interactive query map lets you tweak results without rewriting the query itself, so your team can isolate problems quicker — and with more confidence.

While other monitoring services see your error data as the problem, Discover sees your error data as the solution. Try it for free on our Business Plan or contact us at to get started.

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