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Asynchronous CSV Exports with Discover

For as long as we can remember, Sentry has had some version of CSV Exports. They’ve been limited only 1000 rows of results, which did the job for the most part. However, the more you used Sentry, the more we found that limit wasn’t good enough. What if I told you there was a way to get all your data in the exports in a single CSV?

That’s right, no more DIY python scripts. No more manually piecing CSVs together. No more feature-request tickets.

Asynchronous CSV Exports

With Asynchronous CSV Exports, you can export whatever you’d like and we’ll deliver it to you when it’s ready. It’s accessible wherever you see basic data exports in the app today alongside the existing export features!

Check it out through the tags in your issue stream: csv tags

Or even with the new discover features:

discover export

How It Works

Just click the link, and wait a bit! We’ll notify you via email when your export is complete and available to download.


Sharing your data

Looking to share your data? Great! The link you’ll receive in your inbox works just like a regular Sentry link. Feel free to share it with anyone who has the necessary project permissions. Just forward them the notification email or Slack/Teams/ICQ them the download link and they’ll be good to go.


Asynchronous CSV Exports and Discover are available on our Business Plan. Try it for free or write to to speak with our oddly technical and nerdy sales team.

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