Richard Huffaker


Thinking Through AWS Anomalies with Valentino Volonghi of AdRoll

In A Comedy of Errors, we talk to engineers about the weirdest, worst, and most interesting issues they’ve encountered (and resolved) over the years.
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Collaborative Bug Fixing with Sentry's Datadog Integration

With Sentry’s Datadog integration, you can capture all your events and errors directly within your Datadog dashboards. Here's how.
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Shared Issues are Changing for the Better

We're breaking our current implementation of Shared Issues to make this feature even better.
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Forge by Sentry: Connect, Learn, Eat, Drink

You missed the moon landing. Don’t miss out on Forge.
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Three Steps to Better Error Monitoring with Sentry Releases for Bitbucket

At its best, error tracking isn’t just about putting out fires. It’s about building fire-retardancy through observability and iteration.
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Forge by Sentry: Better With Friends

Save 20% on Forge passes when you bring your friends. Or represent your community with a scholarship.
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