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Forge by Sentry: Better With Friends

Sentry’s Forge conference is bringing together leaders in the software development industry from around the world for a single purpose: to spend three days diving into technical content on the industry’s future, all while connecting with peers over great food and even better wine in beautiful Napa Valley. Alright, that’s technically more like three purposes, but attendees get them all with the price of their ticket. Better yet, now it’s even easier to get the full Forge experience when you bring your friends and take advantage of our +1 discount.

Here’s how it works:

Buying two tickets to Forge? Get 20% off both. Buying three tickets? Get 20% off. Buying four tickets? You get the idea: bring as many friends as you want, and you’ll get 20% off all your passes. Heck, why limit it to just friends? Invite your enemies, too, and you’ll all save so much money while having such a fantastic time that you probably won’t be enemies anymore.

Reach out to our event organizer at to get your own bulk discount code.

Beyond this friends and enemies discount, we’re also providing scholarships for students and underrepresented members of the community who otherwise might not have the opportunity to attend. Tell us about why you’d like to take part in Forge — along with the name of your school or which underrepresented community you belong to — by September 15, and we’ll let you know if you’ve been selected.

Forge is a single-track conference, ensuring there’s no risk that you’ll miss any of the fantastic speakers we’ve lined up. Here are a few sessions to look forward to:

Rethinking UX for AI Driven Monitoring by Steve Boak, Datadog

A Tour of Sketching Data Structures by Kiran Bhattaram, Stripe

Observability and the Development Process by Christine Yen, Honeycomb

You’ll also hear speakers from Optimizely, MailChimp, Zeit, LightStep, and Muve Health. Click here to check out our full schedule and learn more.

Forge is the first conference of its kind: by software developers, for software developers, about the future of building and using software. We hope to see you (and your friends) in October!

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