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Forge by Sentry: Connect, Learn, Eat, Drink

The Rumble in the Jungle. The final Beatles concert from the roof of the Apple building. The first Apollo moon landing. These were all great events, and we’d guess you weren’t able to attend any of them. That’s a shame, because taking part in a great event is significantly better than missing out on it. One of the many reasons you should join Sentry at Forge in Napa, CA from Oct. 29th to 31st.

Wait, did we really just compare Forge to the moon landing? Sure. While we’re at it, it feels fair to point out that tickets to Forge are significantly less expensive than a flight to the moon. Especially when you take advantage of our friends and enemies discount.

What makes Forge such a must-attend event?

We’ve put together an impressive lineup of expert speakers from across the software industry who’ll dive into the future of software development with talks like these:

The Push Train by Dan McKinley, MailChimp

A Tour of Sketching Data Structures by Kiran Bhattaram, Stripe

The Original Skunk Works by Nikolas Means, Move Health

You’ll also hear speakers from Optimizely, Datadog, Zeit, LightStep, and Honeycomb. It’s a single-track conference, so there’s no worry of missing out. Click here to check out our full schedule and learn more.

Additionally, many of our own engineers will be on-hand to help you get more from our service than ever before. And there’ll be plenty of opportunity to ask questions of both us and our event speakers at the reception, dinner, and afterparty that runs throughout the evening on Oct. 30th. Think of it as the smartest Halloween party you’ve ever attended.

This is all going down at the beautiful Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa Valley, and your Forge ticket includes a one-night stay. It’s even on Bordeaux road. Why drink wine at home on some street with a regular, old name when you can attend Forge and get your wine directly from the source?

Forge is the first conference of its kind: by software developers, for software developers, about the future of building and using software. Be part of the vanguard that’s moving the software industry forward and join us in October!

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