Kathy Lam

    Change Happens - Get Alerted

    To give you enough notice to fix an issue before it escalates, we’re evolving our alerts and making them more proactive with Change and…
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    Use Suspect Tags to improve App Performance

    When you’re optimizing your application for performance, it helps to understand the user conditions where the slowest transactions occurred…
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    Root out the odd operation with Operations Breakdown

    Transactions are sent when your service receives a request and sends a response, like an API call or a page load. Within each transaction is…
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    Better Alerts [as in, far more specific and just generally way better]

    A couple of weeks back, we broke sign-ups. And in the most meta fashion, we learned about this because someone here had the foresight to set…
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    Silencing Distractions with Review List and Automations

    By organizing information and automating mundane tasks, Sentry is able to remove any ambiguity around if an issue should be addressed, by whom, and in what priority order.
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    A Sanity Listicle for Mobile Developers

    Before we look to April, let’s recap some of our most notable mobile updates from this past month with a few tips on how to solve what matters faster and a sneak peek of what's coming next
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    With Flutter and Sentry, You Can Put All Your Eggs in One Repo

    This month we’re updating several of our mobile SDKs. You might think it’s madness… Mobile March Madness. First up is Flutter. It’s fair to…
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    3 Ways to Improve JavaScript Applications

    In January we brought Release Health to JavaScript. This month we’ve been thinking about the overall experience for JavaScript developers…
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