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A Sanity Listicle for Mobile Developers

Just like that Mobile March Madness 2021 is almost in our rearview. Before we look to April, let’s recap some of our most notable mobile updates from this past month with a few tips on how to solve what matters faster and a sneak peek of what’s coming next. That’s right. We’re constantly improving our mobile error monitoring solution independent of our alliteration-based marketing campaigns.

Make sure your mobile application works as intended

Here, we turn to error and crash reporting. And if you are developing on the Flutter platform, we just added support so your team can monitor Dart/Flutter and Native SDKs. You can follow a user’s trail using breadcrumbs, UI events, and HTTP requests to see if they are engaged. Any errors you find are automatically symbolicated. If a crash occurs when a user’s device goes offline or a fatal crash occurs, Sentry also provides offline caching so that you don’t miss any critical error reports.


In cases where you need more information from your customer, we’ve added attachment support for Android to help provide critical context. You can upload crash reports, giving you the extra clues you need to investigate and zap a bug. This feature is available for iOS, Android, Java, JavaScript, Native, Xamarin, and .NET. But errors only tell half the story…

See slow faster with Performance Monitoring

Because applications are so complex, it’s sometimes difficult to determine what is causing an application to run slow. Unfortunately, untreated performance issues can lead to more serious errors. With Performance Monitoring, you can connect your user’s frustration to a poor-performance back-end call. If it takes 2 minutes to process a transaction, you’ve probably lost your customer.

transaction summary

We recently added Performance Monitoring support for Xamarin, Android, and React-Native. Using custom and auto-instrumentation, we can trace transactions and render them for better visibility. Also, in a few weeks, you’ll be able to capture HTTP requests to create spans for active transactions as well as record breadcrumbs.

Track the Health of Every Release

Once your application has made it to the marketplace, it’s important to track new releases to gauge version adoption of the latest features and the % of crash-free sessions. With Release Health, you can use all the data you’ve captured to gain insights about your releases to improve your application over time. We recently added support for the Flutter SDK, and as standard across all our mobile languages, Release Health comes enabled by default.

Learn how to Improve

A sign of a great team is a continuous push for improvement. With all the data already captured by Sentry, we now make it easy for you to analyze trends. An excellent way to find such opportunities is to query all the fatal crashes caused by unhandled errors. That way, you can improve the experience for your users. More importantly, you can share the results with other teams or turn your query into an alert to keep tabs and ensure that a handled problem doesn’t rear its ugly head again. Check out this video to learn more.

Watch how Wix Builds Great Mobile Experiences

Wix joined our monthly workshop to share how they manage releases for their React Native mobile. Check out this recording to learn more.

While getting mobile apps right takes a lot of work, having the right tools is key to making sure your users are engaged. If you’re using Sentry, make sure you update your SDKs to take advantage of these latest features. And if you have a friend who could use this, refer them and you both get 3 months of free Sentry. Because friends don’t let friends ship without Sentry.

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