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Sentry for Good: Preventing bad code from happening to good people

Our new Sentry for Good program amplifies the voices of non-profits, open-source tools, and educational institutions.
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Find and Fix Bugs Faster with Updated GitLab Integration

To give greater visibility into errors, we added release and commit tracking as well as suspect commits to our GitLab integration.
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Prioritize Errors that Matter with Sentry + Jira Server

We've added support for Jira Server, including issue management, two-way issue sync, and organization-wide settings.
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The Sentry Workflow — Alert

Errors suck. And you don’t want to spend your time fixing or investigating them. In our Workflow series, we’ll help you optimize your workflow, from crash to resolution.
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From OAuth to GitHub Apps: How Sentry Built its New GitHub Integration

A recent switch from OAuth to GitHub Apps made our GitHub integration updates possible. Here's a look at the process and the logic behind the switch.
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Sentry + GitHub: Now with Support for GitHub Enterprise and Other New Features

GitHub and Sentry users now benefit from easier sign-on and organization-wide setup improvements. Plus, a new integration for GitHub Enterprise.
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New and Improved Integrations for Github, Jira, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps, & GitHub Enterprise

New features include support for Azure DevOps and GitHub Enterprise, as well as additions to our integrations with Jira, GitHub and Bitbucket.
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Introducing Sentry 9

With Sentry 9, we help you prioritize rapid iteration so you can fix what’s important and stay in your workflow without distraction.
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