Tony Xiao

Application Profiling for Python

Performance Monitoring
Profiling is an important tool in every developer’s toolkit because it provides a granular view into the execution of your program from your…
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Usual Performance Suspects: Introducing Suspect Spans

A trace is the end-to-end journey of one or more connected spans and a span is an operation or “work” taking place on a service. So when it…
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Investigating Performance Regressions with Trends

To us, dogfooding means using Sentry to improve Sentry. Here in this article, you’ll see how we used Performance to improve our search…
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Asynchronous CSV Exports with Discover

We made it easier for you to access the data you've been itching to get your hands on. With Asynchronous CSV Exports, you can define what you need and we'll notify you when it's ready to download.
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Sentry for Data: Easier, Faster Apache Beam Debugging

SDK Updates
In our Sentry for Data series, we explain precisely why Sentry is the perfect tool for your data team.
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