Jan Michael Auer


Building Sentry: Symbolicator

In our Building a Sentry series, we'll be covering all the nitty-gritty details that go into building a debug experience at scale.
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Taking Native Crash Reporting to the Next Level

This summer, we're taking native crash reporting to the next level by introducing a couple of key features.
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Safe Web Services with Actix and Sentry

Enjoy this quick introduction to creating a web server with Actix and monitoring it with Sentry.
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Minidumps: Giving Weight to Your Electron Bug Reports

We're exploring the intersection of minidumps and Electron.
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Getting Started with Rust Error Tracking

Sentry's Rust SDK provides you with as much error information as possible, as long as you ship your debug information in the executable. Here's a look at how you can optimize your Rust error tracking.
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Introducing Minidump Support (Beta)

It’s time we let the cat out of the bag, the rabbit out of the hat, the dog out of the car: Support for Minidump crash reports has officially landed in Sentry.
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Introducing Sentry Electron

With our new Electron SDK you get first-class support for all the things you’ve come to love in our other SDKs: breadcrumbs, device and OS information, and of course, high quality stack traces with source map support.
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A Wild Probot Appeared

As our engineering team has grown, it’s become harder to manage and maintain all our repositories on GitHub. Lucky for us, a wild Probot appeared.
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