Daniel Griesser

Support for Database Performance Monitoring in Node

Performance monitoring is great because it lets you see whether your application is fast or slow, and which parts need speeding up. For Node…
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Deprecating Our Legacy JavaScript SDK

We will deprecate our old raven-js SDK on npm in favor of our newer @sentry/browser in the second quarter of 2020.
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Introducing: Sentry's Unified PHP SDK

We're trying to provide the best PHP support we can, including this shiny new unified PHP SDK.
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Join the Discussion on Sentry's Streamlined SDKs

SDKs play a very important role in success with Sentry, from the first error to the bug fix. We've rethought and streamlined our SDK experience, and now we're looking for your feedback.
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Introducing Sentry Cordova

We've released a new SDK for the popular web app framework Cordova.
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Sentry-Cocoa macOS Security Update and Sentry-Swift Security Notice

We released sentry-cocoa 3.10.0, which resolves a security incident that may have affected users on macOS apps without a sandbox.
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A Wild Probot Appeared

As our engineering team has grown, it’s become harder to manage and maintain all our repositories on GitHub. Lucky for us, a wild Probot appeared.
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React Native

Offical React Native Support
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A Swift Sip of Cocoa

Sentry Swift client launches for iOS, tvOS, macOS and watchOS
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