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React Native

We have released a dedicated React Native SDK with some awesome features. If you are using raven-js for React error monitoring, we recommend that you switch over to our brand new react-native-sentry SDK.

With this new SDK, Sentry is now able to provide mixed stacktraces. This means that if a JavaScript call causes a crash in native code, you will see the last call from JavaScript before the crash. This also means that with the new SDK, native crashes are properly handled on iOS.

Mixed Stacktraces

Of course, if a JavaScript error occurs, we also provide you with a useful stacktrace.

React Native Stacktrace

Since we use our powerful, native Swift SDK in the background, you will also get much more information about the device and operating system.

Device Info

When you also have an Android app, it will gracefully fall back to use raven-js since we currently only fully support iOS.

To start using the new SDK, see the react-native-sentry documentation.

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