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Introducing Sentry Cordova

There are pros and cons to hybrid app development, and if you’ve built an app using Cordova you’re very much aware of them. One of the previous cons (if you were specifically using Cordova) was that Sentry didn’t have a Cordova SDK, requiring that you use our raven-js browser JavaScript SDK to monitor errors instead. While this worked just fine for any info that could be gleaned from the JS stack traces, we were not able to provide information native to the device.

As a rule we like our service to be better than just fine, which is why we’ve now released our sentry-cordova SDK. Much as with our react-native SDK, with this option you can now see both the JavaScript errors plus the crash information on both iOS and Android.

In addition to that, your events will also have native device information, breadcrumbs and much other useful information.

Cordova Crash with device info

Cordova Crash with device info

On iOS we are able to track when your app has been started and all the steps in between until the crash happens.



Setup is very easy and you can learn all about in this short doc.

We also seamlessly support Ionic, one the largest Cordova backed web app frameworks. All that’s required is that you add @sentry/cordova as a dependency to your package.json. Learn more.

We wrote the Cordova SDK in TypeScript, which makes development safer and faster for us. We are leveraging our Core & Browser implementation and plan to streamline all JavaScript related SDK in the future to use the same public API. Look out for a blog post about this soon!

As always, we plan to add many more features and support numerous other frameworks in the future. Once you’ve installed the Cordova SDK and tried it out, we would love to get your feedback. Don’t hesitate to post to our forum, create a issue in the corresponding Github repository, or to reach out to our support engineers.

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