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Why we’re excited to partner with Laravel

In case you missed it, our friends at Laravel just announced a new partnership with… well… Sentry. The TL;DR is that you can add error monitoring and tracing capabilities to new or existing Forge/Vapor sites with just a few clicks. This new integration is designed to help PHP developers collect real telemetry on their projects as easily as possible.

Build, deploy, manage, and debug PHP applications

Through the Forge and Vapor UI, developers new to Sentry can create an organization as well as Sentry projects. With Forge being Laravel’s server management and deployment service and Vapor being a serverless deployment platform powering over 600K PHP applications, it is now easier to ensure your PHP application is monitored from the moment you deploy.

Check out this video from Laravel to see it in action.


With this integration, PHP developers can build, deploy, manage, and debug applications more efficiently and reliably. Expect a lot more improvements to come as we continue to support the PHP ecosystem through this integration.

Supporting the growing Laravel user base

Laravel has been a core part of application development for over 10 years. It’s one of the most popular and fastest-growing PHP frameworks, and its clean, expressive syntax and modern coding principles make it easy to write and read. Developers at large organizations and startups alike use Laravel to build and deploy applications quickly.

With at least one major release every year and iterative releases as often as every few weeks, Laravel innovation isn’t slowing down. For example, Laravel 11 introduced:

  • Reverb (a first-party WebSocket server)
  • Graceful encryption key rotation
  • Per-second rate limiting
  • A streamlined application structure

Sentry has 100+ SDKs, frameworks, and libraries, which means we have a good pulse on the tooling devs use. Within Sentry, Laravel is the third most popular backend SDK and continues to increase annually.

We’re just getting started

Laravel’s sustained popularity among PHP developers has been nothing short of phenomenal. Laravel’s longevity speaks to the power of its technology and the trust it’s built within the PHP community.

Sentry is committed to the Laravel and PHP community, and we continue to build with you in mind. With the new Forge and Vapor integration, we’re forging (pun intended) a new standard for managing, deploying, and debugging your Laravel apps.

For more information on how to get started, check out the docs.

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