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Announcing Sentry Scouts Meet-ups

We’ve all been to bad meet-ups. You know how it goes: sometimes there’s no WiFi, sometimes there’s a monotonous speaker, sometimes they run so long that you don’t get to chat with anyone afterwards. And the cherry on top… the “subtle” product pitch at the end.

None of us enjoy being bored out of our minds. And none of us enjoys boring other people out of their minds. Two very important things we considered when planning our new monthly event series, The Sentry Scouts Meet-up. Learn all about it:

The video says it all, but to sum it up: we promise to never pitch you, make you bored, make you sell cookies, or feed you cold pizza.

If you’re in the market for some great chats, interesting panels, commemorative patches, and fondue (on occasion), we’d love to see you at our monthly meet-up:

I’ve been told in the past that the average child’s attention span is 15 minutes. And while we may all be adults here, I’d argue that our own attention spans are even shorter that that. I mean, I’m not a scientist, I’m just an engineer who once played a Crayon in a children’s theater show, but when was the last time you were able to sit still for 15 minutes without glancing at your phone or laptop?

Knowing this is the case, why do any of us want to make our friends, co-workers, and community members sit through long talks with no breaks? To confirm I’m not alone in my feelings about this, I took to twitter:

To summarize all the replies:

  • People are sick of pizza
  • People get annoyed when things run long
  • People are paying too much for tickets
  • People hate being sold to/pitched
  • People feel like they’re being talked at too much, with not enough time to network
  • People hate warm beer. Unless they’re British

We’ve taken this feedback from twitter and ran with it. With an awesome Event Marketing Manager, a skilled Technical Content Strategist, tons of interesting people who are excited to join our panels, and my unfulfilled dreams of producing “CHLOE: The musical!” I think we’ve created a meet-up that you’ll really find valuable (and enjoyable).

I can’t wait to see you there on 1/17.

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