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Marking Issues as Fixed in Sentry

Since its inception Sentry has allowed you to resolve errors — that is, tell the system that the issue is fixed. This made sense if you resolved in Sentry after you deployed your fix live, and the error (hopefully) no longer occurred. While this behavior is simple and straightforward, it didn’t really fit with our workflow. It required our engineers to keep tabs on their fixes and wait until the deploy was finished before resolving the issue in Sentry, which we found distracting, time-consuming, and error-prone.

Today we’re introducing the Resolved in Next Release feature. This new action will indicate to Sentry that the issue should be ignored until your next release, when it will then be automatically marked as resolved. This feature is perfect if you want to tell Sentry that a fix has been committed in code and should be resolved in the next deploy (and not to bother you until then).

Marking an issue with the new status will work similar to a combination of both snooze and resolve. When you first indicate that it’s fixed in the upcoming release we’ll mark it as resolved behind the scenes. The UI will update to indicate this, but the system will treat it more like it’s snoozed. When the release is finally created we will update the status of the issue to be fully resolved, and if it occurs again it would trigger standard regression behavior.

We’re going to continue pushing for refinement on our workflow tooling, and hope you are as excited as we are about some of the small (and larger) features we’re pushing out.

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