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Big, New Features Coming Very Soon

If you’re reading this, it means you’re at least mildly interested in Sentry and would likely be interested in some exciting new features that we’ll be releasing very soon. You can get the details on all these new features below.

Also, if you’re currently in our Early Adopter program, you can potentially access these features right now. Not part of this program? Your organization can opt in at any time with the flip of a single switch found in your org settings. Instructions are at the bottom of this post.

[Editor’s Note: Though it might seem like an obvious things to say, some features available to Early Adopters are still in-progress and may have bugs. We recognize the irony.]

What’s new?

Keep in mind that you’ll get these new features only if your organization is on a plan that uses our current billing structure. If you’re on a legacy plan, then you (or your account owner) can move to a new plan via your organization’s Usage and Billing page.

Developer plan and above

  • Access IssuesReleases, and User Feedback from the sidebar
  • Select multiple Environments (in addition to specific environments and “All Environments”)
  • Apply a new Date Range filter to most views (Issues, Releases, User Feedback)
  • Use persistent Filters (Project, Environment, Date Range) between views
  • Reach Settings from the sidebar

Sentry Date Range Filter

Team plan and above

  • Browse and search raw event data outside of Issues with new Events view

  • Search Events with advanced parameters, including:

    • wildcards (e.g.,*
    • negation using the ! operator (e.g., ! excludes all events triggered by user
    • new properties like stack.filename (e.g., stack.filename:/app/

    More documentation on advanced search coming soon.

Sentry New Events View

Business plan and above

  • Select multiple projects when browsing IssuesEventsReleases, and User Feedback
  • Access Discover, our new tool for querying raw data in Sentry (see: Discover documentation)
  • See cross-project overviews of Sentry data with the new Dashboards page. Note: Dashboards is a WIP and will be undergoing ongoing changes.

If your org does not currently subscribe to Business, upgrading will give you immediate access to these features as part the Early Adopter program.

Sentry Dashboard

Known issues

We are still making adjustments to the UI based on ongoing user feedback. Saved Searches and Bookmarks are also undergoing changes.

If you have feedback for us, we’d love to hear it. Please share feedback on our forums!

Coming soon

  • Advanced Search parameters for Issues, including properties like stack.filename, negation, and wildcards (i.e., the same capabilities as available via Events)
  • Chart of event/issue volume at the top of Issues

Opting in or out

If you’re interested in being an Early Adopter, you can turn your organization’s Early Adopter status on/off in General Settings. This will affect all users in your organization and can be turned back off just as easily.

Sentry Early Adopter Settings

Regardless of whether or not you become an Early Adopter, these features will be widely released very soon. Be on the lookout!

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