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Introducing Forge

Our core belief at Sentry centers around being able to ship software more quickly. Not only is it something we practice, but it’s the reason we believe in our product so much. But helping developers quickly recover from mistakes is just a small part of the global shift towards more observability, agility, and user-focus. We’re ultimately working alongside myriad other tools to ensure teams can rapidly and effectively iterate on product. Forge is our way of bringing together more people who care about this mission.

We’re organizing a 2-day event this fall, October 29–31, in beautiful Napa Valley (just north of San Francisco). We’ve invited a number of great speakers who are solving real problems and moving our industry forward. And you won’t have to worry about picking which talks to attend — a single track of technical content will range from observability and microservices to automation and continuous deployment.

Forge is the first event of its kind: for software people, by software people, about the future of building and using software. We’re expecting approximately 200 attendees and, given the demand, we’re asking people to register their interest before we open up ticket sales. This helps us ensure diversity is a core value of the conference and plan according to demand. If Forge sounds like the event for you, make sure you register early!


We’ll be sharing more details over the coming weeks, including the full speaker list, evening events, sponsors, and other news related news to Forge. As a sneak peek into the content, we’re announcing the first round of confirmed speakers: Alex Sexton and Kiran Bhattaram from Stripe, Dan McKinley from MailChimp, Christine Yen from Honeycomb, Ben Sigelman from LightStep, and Guillermo Rauch from Zeit.

Does Forge sound like the event for you?

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