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Introducing support for iOS, macOS, and tvOS apps

Huge news! After a limited release, we’re excited to open up preview support for iOS error tracking, macOS crash reporting, and tvOS bug monitoring to everyone.

In short, we’ve beefed up our clients for Swift error tracking and Objective-C bug monitoring so that they can now send proper crash reports. This enables us to do some really neat things like process the stacktrace on the server:

Cocoa Traceback

Words don’t quite do it justice, so we put together a screencast to show off just how awesome it is:

For more info on the Sentry Swift client, including setup and usage instructions for both CocoaPads and Carthage, as well as how to send us your debug symbols, head on over to our Cocoa docs.

As mentioned, Cocoa support is still in preview. We’d love to become your new favorite iOS debugging tool, so make sure to let us know how we can make your life easier.

P.S. Big thanks to our friends at BYTEPOETS for helping us collect system symbols for older versions of iOS to improve our symbolication quality.

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