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Hacktoberfest is Upon Us

Ah, October. Pumpkin spice fills the nostrils of Northern Hemispherians, spring stirs the air in the South, and DigitalOcean & Friends bring us yet another installation of the bonanza of open source community that is … Hacktoberfest. The main attraction is a challenge to contribute four pull requests to participating open source projects during the month of October. Participants get a t-shirt and/or a warm feeling. Sign up here.

Sentry is an open source company, so we’re all in on this annual celebration of the open source spirit. Some of our own engineers will be stepping up to the challenge. Who knows? Maybe they will show up in your repo.

We welcome new contributors to Sentry during the ‘fest. Want to see your name in the Sentry commit log? Here are a few pointers:

  1. All of our main repos are in scope.
  2. All issues are in scope. Need a suggestion?
  3. Let us know in your PR that you are participating in Hacktoberfest.
  4. Our developer docs will help you get started.
  5. Visit and stop by our Discord to chat.

Thanks to DigitalOcean for throwing such a great party, and to all of the maintainers and contributors out there for making open source happen. Good luck and happy hacking.

P.S. If you really like hacking on Sentry, we do have a number of open roles.

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