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.NET MAUI SDK Now Available in Preview

.NET MAUI has arrived, making multi-platform application development faster and easier from a single C# codebase. If you’ve been following us, you know we have a soft spot for cross platform frameworks – Flutter, Electron, React Native, Xamarin (RIP) — got them all covered. We’ve been supporting tens of thousands of .NET developers for over a decade; add to that the fact that there are more than 6.5 million C# developers worldwide that will need error and performance monitoring for their new products and services. This powerhouse of a developer community is why we prioritized building a Sentry SDK for .NET MAUI – now available in public preview.

What to expect

The Sentry integration to .NET MAUI is through the Sentry.Maui NuGet package. This public preview includes:

  • All the features of our main .NET SDK, for your managed code
  • Native crash reporting for Android, leveraging our Android SDK
  • Managed crash reporting (unhandled exceptions), on any MAUI platform
  • Automatic breadcrumbs for MAUI app lifecycle and UI events
  • Detailed device and runtime information passed on every event

Of course, using any of our SDKs also means you have access to our dashboards, alerts, and all the rest of the Sentry platform’s features.

Resources to get started

With this preview release we’ve made sure to launch documentation to help you get started and be successful as you begin to migrate to .NET MAUI.

Our getting started with .NET MAUI docs walk you through installation by installing the NuGet package and calling UseSentry on your MauiAppBuilder. Our docs are all open source and we will continue to keep them updated with additional updates to our .NET MAUI support.

Keep in touch

As with our other .NET integrations, the .NET MAUI SDK is part of our sentry-dotnet open source repository. As we continue to work towards our general availability release, we appreciate your participation in issues, PRs, and discussions.

To connect with the project beyond the repository, you can join our Discord server, where we have a specific channel dedicated to .NET, or learn from our lead developer on the SDK, Matt Johnson-Pint, on Microsoft’s On .NET Live show.

Before you forget all of this, you can just sign up to receive updates specifically on our .NET support through our .NET landing page.

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