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Alerts Beta

Today we’re launching the first draft of alerts in Sentry.

Alerts are triggered when a project’s global events per minute accelerates beyond the defined threshold.

Currently we’re not sending out email notifications on alerts. This is an intentional choice on our part as we want to ensure the quality and accuracy of them. We all know how painful false positives can be, and it’s our intention to eliminate those as much as possible.

Threshold Settings

While we’ve tried to set some really good defaults, it’s likely you’ll want to tune these to fit your projects needs. There’s a couple of new options in your project’s notification settings:

  • Threshold
  • Minimum Events

The threshold itself is a percentage which measures the acceleration of events from the previous time period to the current. We throw a little math on top using the median absolute deviation (MAD). In combination with that, we also allow you to set a minimum threshold. This simply states that you don’t care about events until they’ve been seen at least a number of times in the last minute.

In-stream Alerts


Per-Team Dashboard


Alert Details


A Work in Progress

We’re very much interested in how this presents itself to everyone, and we’re not done yet. We have some big plans for intelligent alerts, and you’ll see some quick iterations on the design, and eventually alerts in your inbox.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have feedback. Whether you want to debug JavaScript, do Python error tracking, or handle an obscure PHP exception, we’ll be working hard to provide the best possible experience for you and your team with Sentry!

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