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Exception Perceptions: A New Hope (for Understanding User Experience)

Exciting news y’all! Exception Perceptions is back, and this time it’s Star Wars themed! We say the words “Star Wars” so many times!

In this two-part series, we’ll be exploring the importance of our users to debugging. How do we communicate with them? How do they communicate with us? What are the best ways to understand their behavior? What insight is relevant to us as developers, and how do we figure out how to use one user’s experience to improve the experience of the whole? Why does Chewbacca have a lightsaber in our GIF?

Don’t know the answers to these questions? Well, that’s fine because we’ve created two episodes (much better than Star Wars Episodes 1 and 2, we promise) highlighting all of these areas.

Play Exception Perceptions

It’s important for us as developers to interact with our customers, be that on a one-on-one basis or one-to-many. It helps us make good decisions about how to improve our code, set priorities, and up-level our skills. It also helps our users invest more in their own experience and trust that this experience is important. Context is key, and the more relevant, actionable insight we have from our users — and the less time we spend playing detective — the better!

Haven’t watched an Exception Perceptions video yet? Looking for more information on best practices in observability? Wow, you’re looking for love in Alderaan places! Get it? Join the Alliance, and enjoy the newest edition of Exception Perceptions!

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