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What's New in Sentry — June/July Changelog

June and July are traditionally slow months. The sun is out, and there’s too much glare on our monitors to get much work done. For us, it’s doubly slow as we’re putting all of our efforts towards a big launch later this year. Still, some great stuff came out:


  • Moved Go SDK out of beta — integrations with six HTTP libraries.
  • Enabled PDB file upload directly to Sentry.
  • Introduced reminders to update out-of-date SDKs.
Sentry UI reminder to update outdated SDKs to the new version.

Open Source


  • Gave admins the ability to add and remove members from projects.
  • Allowed download of per-project usage from Settings > Usage & Payments, on the Reports dropdown.
  • Updated Suspect commits to compare file names in a case-insensitive way to enable better matching on native platforms.
  • Improved Azure Devops and GitLab connection flows to provide better feedback.

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