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Welcoming Sentry’s New CEO

This year marks the 8th year since we incorporated Sentry. Every year has created a new set of opportunities as we’ve expanded both our product and our customer base. We’re fortunate to be considered the market leader in error monitoring, and are aggressively building on top of that success to make software better for everyone.

Our rapid revenue and customer growth, combined with recent funding, has given us the exciting opportunity to more broadly fix application monitoring. That requires scale, and for me, it meant it was a good time to look for an executive partner who could help us reach that next level.

When I made that decision I knew I wanted to bring someone into Sentry that cared just as much about the business as I did about the technology, with our common ground being our love for product. To that end, it’s my pleasure to introduce the newest member of the Sentry team: CEO Milin Desai.

Milin joins us from VMWare, where he led their successful expansion into multiple new product lines in the networking, public cloud, and developer tools space. As Milin and I got to know each other last year, I quickly came to realize that he would be a great fit. He grew up in technology, so we shared a lot in common there, but had such a huge variety of different experience that was so complimentary to my own. Most importantly he had the same level of passion, energy, and commitment that I saw in myself.

As Milin transitions in, I will be moving into the CTO role where I’ll continue to drive our product and technology efforts. On a personal level I’m extremely excited about this transition. If you know Sentry or you know me, you know that we’ve always been a very product focused company. This move will allow us to bring even more focus to that investment, allowing me once again to spend more time with our customers and community.

We have more than 50,000 customers — and millions of developers — who trust and love Sentry’s error monitoring, and rely on it for critical business applications. For years now you’ve been asking us to do more, and bring that same disruption to other outdated approaches in the application monitoring space. In 2020 you’ll see us greatly expanding our platform to meet this demand. New product lines. Investments in our error monitoring and runtime support. Big pushes in mobile and desktop applications. And expanding on our early market leadership in a new era of frontend applications.

If any of this resonates with you, we’re hiring for numerous roles in our San Francisco, Toronto, and Vienna offices.

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