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Welcome Richard Huffaker

Help us in welcoming Richard Huffaker to the sentry team! 🎥

Richard joins Sentry from Weebly, where he was the fourth employee. He talked a lot, wrote a lot, made a lot of videos, and was (and still is) the starting pitcher for their coed softball team. He also recently co-directed a musical comedy film that was just screened in Louisville, known worldwide as the Hollywood of Kentucky. This experience with both words and film will come in handy at Sentry, where he is our Technical Content Strategist. He’ll write. He’ll make videos. He’ll say words out loud. And he’ll make all our new employee gifs, including his own (which means there are actually three of him in the above gif, since he was also behind the camera).When he’s not at work, you’ll find him writing, making videos, and saying words out loud. His pastimes match his work times. Bore yourself to tears at

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