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Welcome Don Dianda

Don is a born and raised San Franciscan who - contrary to popular belief - is not a huge Rice-A-Roni guy.. #TheSanFranciscoTreatTho? Plz.. He prefers uni, burritos, and a really solid, meaty pasta “ehhh come on-ah!” “Mama Mia!”

He comes from a complicated professional background that somehow includes photography, writing, and tech sales, as well as a pre-seed sustainability company. #RIP

As stated above, Don joins Sentry from a failed startup where he realized just how little he understood code - aka- “It’s in the computer?” After nearly three months @Sentry, he claims to understand code as well as he understands Russian, “Babushka” “Niet” “Vladivostok” & “Carpe Diem.” Though maybe that last one is not Italian?

Outside of Sentry, you’ll find Don hiking/running, staring at the AMAZING PACIFIC OCEAN that graces our equally AMAZING CA COASTLINE, hooting with his local pair of Great Horned owls (there are actually 3 mated pairs in the Presidio he’ll have you note), and/or eating at his local sushi joint, Godzila Sushi cf 1988.

To conclude, Don leaves us all with a quote from a local Bay Area Zen Roshi, “Kindness & wildness is a poignant combination.”

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