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Sentry with Bitbucket Pipelines

After pushing out a new release, there’s always one looming question: “Did the push break anything?” We built release tracking into Sentry to answer this question and make Sentry an invaluable tool in deployment, especially for teams practicing continuous deployment.

With the launch of Bitbucket’s continuous delivery service, Bitbucket Pipelines, Atlassian has been working with Sentry to create a Bitbucket Pipelines integration. We worked with them in the past to build Sentry’s JIRA Software and HipChat Connect integrations, so simplifying deployment for Bitbucket users was a logical choice.

When a new error crops up in production, Sentry enables developers to pinpoint the guilty release. Once a fix is merged in, developers then mark an issue as resolved to silence alerts until the next release is out. Our Bitbucket Pipelines script notifies Sentry as new releases are pushed out. Apps with minified Javascript and offline source maps can use Pipelines to upload source maps, enabling legible, decompressed stack traces. Check out how you can integrate Sentry and Bitbucket.

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