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Sentry Receives SOC 2 Type 2 Certification

No matter your business, keeping customer data secure is critical toward keeping your customer’s trust. With the rise in data breaches (and subsequent security certifications), we don’t have to tell you why you should scrutinize every cloud service that you consider — including us.

To that end, we believe in being explicit with our compliance. And that includes how we pursue independent certifications like ISO, HIPAA, and now, SOC 2 Type II.

What is SOC 2? Put simply, SOC 2 certifies that cloud-based SaaS companies like Sentry are properly equipped to handle data. SOC 2 compliant organizations are judged to be able to scale data infrastructure, identify unusual events, and handle security incidents.

There are two SOC-2 reports. The first report — Type I — describes the infrastructure of cloud-based systems (something we addressed in 2019). Type II reports detail the effectiveness of those systems over a period of time, which is a deeper — but necessary — assessment for any platform that processes and stores data.

And while SOC 2 Type II is an important benchmark, we will continue to prioritize security independent of our certification, as data security is central to how we design, develop, and deploy our products. It’s why our customer — not our platform — is in control of their data. And why we offer data scrubbing tools for customers who wish to remove unwanted elements from the data they send to Sentry.

We believe that SOC 2 Type II certification is just one reason to trust Sentry with your data. There’s sixty thousand more: those organizations who continue to trust Sentry certifies that we’re doing the right thing by our customers.

If you’re a Sentry customer, you can access our SOC 2 Type II report under the Legal & Compliance settings menu. Otherwise, you can contact us to obtain a copy of any security report you’re interested in.

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