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Notice of (Internet) Address Change

As part of continuing projects to increase the reliability of, the IP addresses associated with the service will be changing soon. These changes may require customer-side updates to firewall rules to continue uninterrupted service.

Specifically, firewall rules that restrict outbound traffic based on IP addresses will have to be changed for communication between an application monitored by Sentry and Sentry’s organization subdomains.

Starting December 1st, 2020, we will migrate all inbound traffic to organization subdomains to the following address:

What is my organization’s subdomain?

Sentry provides Data Source Names (DSNs) that include distinct subdomains for organizations. They look like o<number> You can find your organization’s subdomain by visiting:<my org>/projects/<my project>/keys/.

How does this change impact me?

If you have configured any of your applications with a DSN that includes an organization subdomain, that subdomain’s IP address is going to change.

If you do not have any applications configured with a DSN that includes an organization subdomain, it will look like https://<key> and not be impacted by this change.

Why are you making this change?

We developed an event ingestion service that is patiently waiting behind an Anycast address to accept your events. Using organization subdomains after the migration period will drastically decrease the latency of your applications sending events from outside North America. We’ll be blogging about how we built it in a later post.

Can we chat about it?

Sure! Please reach out to us at if you have any questions about how this impacts your organization’s service.

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