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Meet our 2019 Summer Interns

This summer, two interns (Tony Xaio from the University of Toronto and Osmar Coronel from the University of Illinois) joined our bizops engineering team to work on a slew of projects, mostly in support of our Sentry for Data Teams initiative. Together, they witnessed and directly experienced the pain of writing data pipelines without any error tracking (see the “Before Sentry” portion in the gif above).

Their projects (which were, of course, open source), enabled better instrumentation of Apache Airflow with both a sentry integration and an improved metrics integration for DataDog. This helped our data team get visibility into how our DAGs are executing. There’s even an open pull-request to Apache Airflow itself that makes adding Sentry as simple as setting the SENTRY_DSN environment variable.

Not content to stop with this fantastic accomplishment, both Osmar and Tony went on to help us gain visibility into our Dataflow streaming pipelines on top of Apache Beam. The distributed execution model of Beam (and its runners) made for a particularly challenging Sentry integration, but they found ways to include Sentry within both the Python and Java SDKs. We’re using these integrations to gain insights into our realtime data pipelines without parsing through logs in Stackdriver. Friends, this is very good.

Aside from all their hard work shipping code, both Tony and Osmar found time to participate in a variety of after-hours activities, including attending an Airflow meetup, organizing an interns-only meetup, and spraying graffiti on the walls of San Francisco (editor’s note: these particular walls had been pre-approved for graffiti).

Thanks again to our talented interns for spending your summer with us; they’ve made a huge impact on Sentry and we wish them all the best as they head back to school.

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