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January monthly product update

With January over, 2024 is in full swing. Read on below to find out more about the Metrics Alpha, Cron Monitoring GA, SDK improvements, and more.

Cron Monitoring GA and Metrics Alpha

In January, Cron Monitoring became generally available. Cron Monitoring alerts you when your scheduled jobs fail, and traces failures back to related errors in your project. And with configuration through supported Sentry SDKs, you can set up monitoring your cron jobs in minutes.

You can also define alerting parameters (i.e. Margins and Thresholds). The new Margins alerting feature tells Sentry when to mark a job as failed or missed, and Failure and Recovery Thresholds define when to create or resolve an issue.


Want to test it out? All Sentry account plans include one monitor with unlimited check-ins - down to the minute. You can purchase additional monitors on-demand for $0.78 per monitor, per month on your subscription settings page.

During our November 2023 Launch Week, we gave you a sneak peek of our upcoming metrics product. Metrics is now available to use in alpha. Track and visualize the data points you care about over time, with custom metrics or standard metrics like processing time, checkout conversion rate, or user signups, and view correlated traces to pinpoint and solve issues impacting app performance or the user experience. Sign up for access.

Slack Notification Improvements

Many organizations use our Slack integration for notifications about Error and Performance Issues. Now, Slack notifications include additional details like impact, category, and the developer who owns it. As we continue building out this integration, we want to hear from you – share your feedback.

SDK Updates

No matter the SDK or framework, errors are bound to happen. And for Next.js, one of the most frustrating to solve can be hydration errors. If you’re using Next.js with Session Replay, you can now display a diff of the page before and after React has hydrated. The new Hydration Diff tool helps you find the element or attribute that caused the hydration error. Learn more.


Have you ever wondered if Sentry Performance Monitoring could overload your system during traffic spikes? Backpressure management reduces your Performance sample rate when your system is in an unhealthy state. The latest Sentry Java, Ruby and Python SDKs (more to come) automatically lower the number of Transactions sent to Sentry to decrease Sentry SDK load on your system to help your application stay available and stable. Learn more.

Want to stay up-to-date on the latest from Sentry? Check out our changelog for a running list of all product and feature releases. You can also drop us a line on GitHub, Twitter, or Discord. And if you’re new to Sentry, you can try it for free today or request a demo to get started.

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